E160c (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name :

Paprika extract

Group : Safe
Warning : Recommended to avoid its use.
Comment : Extract from pepper. Recommended to avoid its use.
Product Count ingredients
Paella Royale
Jack Link´s Turkey Snack Oven Roasted 22,5g
Bremer Feinkost Contor - Bonbon Hatschi!
Trident Senses Tropical
Langnese Cremissimo Kirschzauber
десерт творожный пастеризованный "сказка" с наполнителем ананас, 7%, 150г
сухарики "хруст" со вкусом лесных грибов 43 г.
чипсы "lays" шашлык 150 г.
kabanos exclusive wieprzowy go
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