E160a (E 100-199 Dyes)
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Group : Safe
Warning : Can stain teeth and skin
Comment : Orange-yellow dye. In the human body turns into vitamin A. Accumulates in the liver. Located in carrots and other orange or yellow colored fruits and vegetables.
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Шоколад и хрустящее печенье "Веселые Грибочки" 50 гр.
eismann Mango-Crème-Fraîchetorte
Milka XL Cookies Choco (1,46 EUR/100 g)
Snot Shots Bubble Gum
Mövenpick Mirabelle Mascarpone
творог зернёный и "осенний сад" "101 зерно+сливки", 5% жирности.
сыр "моцарелла санта лючия" (для пиццы), 400г
milka czekolada choco jelly 250 g
Cappy Pulpy
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