E416 (E 400-499 Tires, thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers)
Name :

Guar gum

Group : Dangerous
Warning : It is possible to cause allergy.
Comment : Obtained from the tree Sterculia urens. It is often used in combination with E 410 in ice cream, caramel, cookies, such as a vehicle that enables them to increase in volume 100 times or more with the addition of water. Possible allergen.
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Korn Mühle Weizenbrötchen
eismann Unsere Beliebtesten
Dr. Oetker - Die Ofenfrische Vier-Käse
Coquette Bauerntopf
maggi guten appetit ochsenschwanz suppe
Barteroder Feinkost Steinpilzrahmsuppe (5,25 EUR/1l)
natsu Wrap Hähnchen Sweet Chili
Elite Milchreis
RUF Kaltschale Erdbeere
Fresh Orange
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