E250 (E 200-299 Preservatives)
Name :

sodium nitrite

Group : Dangerous
Warning : Carcinogen! Dangerous for kids and babies!
Comment : Can lead to hyperactivity. Potential carcinogen. In the stomach it can react with other chemicals to form nitrosamines. Recommended to avoid its use. In some countries its use is limited.
Product Count ingredients
Camembert bio (21% MG) au lait pasteurisé - 250 g - Monoprix Bio
Breadies - Sandwich - Pute-Ei
Buitoni Toscana - Prosciutto e Funghi
Original Wagner Steinofen Pizza Peperoni
Le Gourmet Suppe
REWE - Delikatess Leichtschinken 2% Fett
колбаса вареная охлажденная "детская" в/с, 380 г
консервы мясные "от лихтера" паштет печеночный с орехами, 250г (ж/б)
Майстор Цветко - Телешка луканка по традиционна рецепта
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