E635 (E 600-699 flavors and flavor enhancers)
Name :

Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides

Group : Suspicious ,Not suitable for vegetarians
Warning : Can lead to itchy skin rash 30 hours after its adoption.
Comment : In some countries is prohibited. Can lead to itchy skin rash 30 hours after its consumption. The strength of the response depends on the quantity and accumulates with each dose. Used in flavored chips, noodles, pie. Recommended to avoid its use.
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Bon Asia - Instant Noodles Duck Flavour
Bonasia Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour
Instant Nudeln Garnelengeschmack (Tom Yum)
Instant Nudelsuppe - mit Rindgeschmack
Knorr Kaiser Teller Zwiebel Suppe
Lobo Instant Aka Miso Soup
крекеры euro patisserie "восточные васаби-сезам" oriental /картон/ 150г*10
консерва мясная "ветчинка" пряная, стерилизованная, "гродфуд", 300 г
сухарики "флинт" со вкусом и ароматом салями, 35г
kur sunka de luxe kráj 100g, oa
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