E524 (E 500-599 Mineral salts, pH regulators and humectants)
Name :

sodium hydroxide

Group : Suspicious
Warning : Recommended to avoid its use.
Comment : Although there are no known side effects from the use of sodium hydroxide in small amounts in larger quantities can be very harmful. Banned in Australia for that reason. Used to counteract the acidity.
Product Count ingredients
Gutes vom Bäcker --- Laugenstangerl - 4 Stück
Interspar - Bio Kornspitz 5 Stk oder Finnenbrötchen 6 Stk oder Laugenfußball 5 Stück oder Bio-Salzstangen 4 Stk oder Bio-Mohnflösserl 4 Stk
Laugenbrezen - Gutes vom Bäcker
M-Classic Brötchen- Mix Frischback
M-Classic Silserbrötli
Rosengarten Glutenfrei Laugenbrezeln
BÄCKERKRÖNUNG Bayerische Brezen
Milka - Milka - Alpenmilch Schokolade & LU Kekse
кисломолочный напиток с фруктовым наполнителем "клубника - красная смородина" "баланс", 0,8% жирности, 100 г.
Milka TUC
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