E220 (E 200-299 Preservatives)
Name :

sulfur dioxide

Group : Dangerous
Warning : Dangerous for asthmatics, intestinal problems
Comment : Derived from coal tar. All sulfur compounds are toxic and their use should be limited. Can cause an asthma attack. Tough metabolism in individuals with impaired function of babretsite. Destroys vitamin B1. Used in beer, soft drinks, dried fruit, juices, stimulants, wine, vinegar, tomato products.
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soltorkade tomater
aprikos & valnöt
bran flakes müsli
nestlé fitness fruits
kingis midi suklaa-kirsikka 57g/78ml kermajääteläpuikko
kokosovo brašno
Пелети роис
Palmeritas hacendado
Candy Житомир Lasoshchi BatonChik фъстъчено глазура
Iris полутвърд какао Житомир Lasoshchi
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