E102 (E 100-199 Dyes)
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Group : Dangerous
Warning : Leads to hyperactivity in children
Comment : Banned in Norway and Austria. Provoke attacks of asthma and urticaria in children. There is a link to thyroid tumors, chromosomal damage, rashes and hyperactivity. Tartrazine sensitivity is related to that of aspirin. Used in colored drinks, sweets, jams, cornflakes, snacks, canned fish, dry soups.
Product Count ingredients
fruity mojito
carbonated drink mountain dew 2,00 l .
Passoa - Passion Fruits
Passoã - Anãnas
Вафли "Любосказ" 215 гр.
Драже M&M's с арахисом 400 гр.
Драже M&M's с арахисом 100 гр.
Драже M&M's с арахисом 50 гр.
Карамель "Лимончики" 250 гр.
Смесь сладкая Гуд Фуд 450 гр.
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