E951 (E 900-999 Other)
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Group : Dangerous
Warning : Can cause allergic reactions.
Comment : Artificial sweetener with many side effects. Some people are allergic to it, the most common side effect with their migraine pain.
Product Count ingredients
Altapharma - Frische-Pastillen Mint
Airwaves Strong Lemon
Fisherman's Friend Strong Mint
K Classic Cool Breeze Chewing Gum
Orbit Professional White Citrus
Trident Minzenaroma - Superpack 16
Wrigley's Extra Professional Strong Mint
напиток безалкогольный "pepsi" гооол сильногазированный низкокалорийный со вкусом лимона и мяты 2л.
снежок 2,5%, "летний день", 500 г
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