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Passoã - Anãnas

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Eau, sucre, alcool/alcool de bouche, arômes (dont ananas), cidifiant : acide citrique, stabilisant : E445, colorants : E102, E129 et E110. source : http://world.openfoodfacts.org/product/3035540002303/passoa-ananas
Product barcode '3035540002303' is produced in France .
Barcode Kilocalories per 100 grams Fat in 100 g. Protein in 100 grams carbohydrates in 100 grams Consumed quantity by default ( grams )
478.00 17.00 17.00 17.00 100.00
In the product were found:
No nutrients found.
E102 (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name : Tartrazine
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Leads to hyperactivity in children
Comment : Banned in Norway and Austria. Provoke attacks of asthma and urticaria in children. There is a link to thyroid tumors, chromosomal damage, rashes and hyperactivity. Tartrazine sensitivity is related to that of aspirin. Used in colored drinks, sweets, jams, cornflakes, snacks, canned fish, dry soups.
E110 (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name : ECE sunset yellow, yellow ½
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Leads to hyperactivity in children
Comment : Banned in Norway, Finland and the UK. It is obtained by synthetical way. Used in cereals, bakery products, snacks, ice cream, beverages and frozen foods, as well as some medications: Berocca, Polaramine, Ventolin - syrup and others. Side effects include: urticaria, rhinitis, nasal congestion, allergies, hyperactivity, kidney tumors, chromosomal damage, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, indigestion, distaste for food. It is to increase the incidence of tumors in animals. Banned in Norway.
E129 (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name : Allura Red AC
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Leads to hyperactivity in children
Comment : Banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway. Used in sweets, drinks and condiments in medicines and cosmetics. A synthetically. Introduced for use in the 80-s to replace Amaranth. It is known its relationship to tumors in mice.
- (E 900-999 Other)
Name : Fructose-glucose syrup
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Consumption in large quantities is dangerous to health. The liver fails to process it instantly into energy and converts it into fat. Increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance and diabetes.
Comment : Provides the body with only calories without minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.
E445 (E 400-499 Tires, thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers)
Name : Esters of wood resins
Group : Suspicious
Warning : No evidence of adverse effects.
Comment : No evidence of adverse effects.
- (E 1000 - 1599 Additional chemicals)
Name : Artificial flavor
Group : Suspicious
Warning : It has undefined effects on health. It is preferable to not consume it.
Comment : Derived from chemicals in a laboratory and have absolutely no nutritional value. Each artificial flavor in the food industry have some harmful effects on health.
E330 (E 300-399 Antioxidants, minerals and acidity regulators)
Name : citric acid
Group : Safe
Warning : No evidence of adverse effects.
Comment : Used to acidification of food products. Derived from citrus fruits. Found in biscuits, frozen fish, cheese and other dairy products, infant food, cakes, soups, rye bread, soft drinks, fermented meat products.