Privacy and "Cookies"

The services provided by can be used from variety of devices and platforms - using a specially made Android application for this purpose, or by any device with a web browser. The information collected from the site is as follows:

  1. IP address of the device;
  2. Keywords used while interacting with the Services.

The data is collected only to improve the quality.

"Cookies" are small text files that, if necessary are saved on your computer and sent each time. More information about them can be found on the internet. The thing, you need to know is that they are safe and will only help while you use the Services.
The Purpose used in, for now is the only for localization.

Terms of Service

The user of can use the Services as they are, undertaking not to introduce content contrary to the idea of ​​the site, and that is to bring things written on the product label. The site administrator reserves the right to delete content that is partial, pointless or offensive. At some future stage, this task will be automated with the help and support of all reasonable people that use this Site.