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Vitamin B2

Group : Vitamins
Needed for growth and reproduction. Participate in the development of hair, nails and skin. Has a beneficial effect on vision, eye fatigue, prevents inflammation in the oral cavity, supports the digestion of other substances: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Sources: milk, liver, kidneys, yeast, cheese, leafy green vegetables, fish, eggs.
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Chester's Fries, Flamin' HotChester's Fries, Flamin' Hot (2) (10)
Aladdin coffee spice scattering dose, sonnentorAladdin coffee spice scattering dose, sonnentor (8) (0)
Aladdin coffee spice, sonnentor
Aladdin coffee spice, sonnentor (7) (0)
food supplementfood supplement (2) (31)
Лино čokolino
Лино čokolino lino čokolino (2) (4)
والطبيعي الفيتامينات أقراص فوارة
والطبيعي الفيتامينات أقراص فوارة Naturel мултивитаминни ефервесцентни таблетки naturel multivitamin šumeće tablete naturel multiwitaminowe tabletki musujące (2) (11)
Nestlé корнфлейкс
Nestlé корнфлейкс নেসলে কর্ণ থাক קורנפלקס נסטלה nestlé corn flakes Nestlé kornflögur (3) (5)
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