Майонеза Hellmann's

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рапично масло [76%), вода, алкохол-оцет, сол, яйчен жълтък, горчица (вода, синапено семе, алкохол-оцет, сол, аромати, подправки, яйца на отгледани пилета, аромат, оцветител (бета-каротин) (160а ), Етилендиаминтетраоцетна киселина
Product barcode '8711200447497' is produced in Netherlands .
Product causes allergy eggs | egg mixture ;
Product causes the following disease : cardiovascular diseases ;
Barcode Kilocalories per 100 grams Fat in 100 g. Protein in 100 grams carbohydrates in 100 grams Consumed quantity by default ( grams )
- - - - 100.00
In the product were found:
No nutrients found.
E260 (E 200-299 Preservatives)
Name : acetic acid
Group : Suspicious
Warning : Attention in hypersensitivity from vinegar!
Comment : Made synthetically from wood fibers. Main component of vinegar. It is also used in pickles, sauces.
- (E 1000 - 1599 Additional chemicals)
Name : Artificial flavor
Group : Suspicious
Warning : It has undefined effects on health. It is preferable to not consume it.
Comment : Derived from chemicals in a laboratory and have absolutely no nutritional value. Each artificial flavor in the food industry have some harmful effects on health.
- (E 900-999 Other)
Name : Salt
Group :
Warning : Needed by the body , but in small quantities .
Comment : Overuse of salt leads to cardiovascular diseases , eye diseases , and overall deterioration of health .