пълнозърнести бисквити с пълнеж шоколадов Лешников вкус добавен калций магнезий и желязо

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зърнени продукти химично брашно пълнозърнести зърнени продукти пълнозърнеста натрошена елда, едро смлени овесени ядки пълнозърнесто пшенично брашно пълнозърнесто брашно от пшеница шпелта, овесен флейкс пълнозърнесто пшенично брашно оризово брашно малцово пшеничено брашно, захар рапично масло и модифицирано нишесте, инулин,Изомалтулоза, влагозадържащ агент глицерол палмово масло калциев карбонат магнезиев карбонат соеви малтитоли, Сол, натриеви карбонати пшеничен глутен декстроза ароматизанти
Product barcode '7622210833051' is produced in Switzerland .
Product causes allergy gluten ;
Product causes the following disease : cardiovascular diseases - heart and cardiovascular system ;
Barcode Kilocalories per 100 grams Fat in 100 g. Protein in 100 grams carbohydrates in 100 grams Consumed quantity by default ( grams )
408.00 15.00 5.30 62.00 50.00
In the product were found:
No nutrients found.
E953 (E 900-999 Other)
Name : isomalt
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Carcinogen.
Comment : artificial sweetener
- (E 900-999 Other)
Name : Fructose-glucose syrup
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Consumption in large quantities is dangerous to health. The liver fails to process it instantly into energy and converts it into fat. Increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance and diabetes.
Comment : Provides the body with only calories without minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.
E504 (E 500-599 Mineral salts, pH regulators and humectants)
Name : magnesium carbonate
Group : Suspicious
Warning : Laxative effect!
Comment : In medicine it is used as an antacid and laxative.
E965 (E 900-999 Other)
Name : maltitol
Group : Suspicious
Warning : Possible stomach problems
Comment : Hardly degraded by digestive enzymes. Used in cakes, candies, dried fruit, low calorie foods. In high doses laxative effect.
- (E 1000 - 1599 Additional chemicals)
Name : Artificial flavor
Group : Suspicious
Warning : It has undefined effects on health. It is preferable to not consume it.
Comment : Derived from chemicals in a laboratory and have absolutely no nutritional value. Each artificial flavor in the food industry have some harmful effects on health.
E170 (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name : calcium carbonate
Group : Safe
Warning : No evidence of adverse side effects
Comment : Mineral salt which is used in toothpaste, white paints, detergents. Can be extracted from rocks or bones of animals. Sometimes used to reduce the acidity of the wine and increase the stability of frozen fruits and vegetables. In high doses is toxic.
E422 (E 400-499 Tires, thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers)
Name : glycerol
Group : Safe ,Not suitable for vegetarians
Warning : In large quantities leads to headache, thirst, nausea, and high levels of blood sugar.
Comment : Sweetener. Colorless alcohol. Prepared from fats and alkali salts. Intermediate in the production of soap from animal or vegetable fat. Can be obtained from petroleum products. Synthesized from propylene or by fermentation of sugar. Used in the lining of sausage, cheese and more., In dried fruits, liqueurs, vodka. It is believed that protects DNA from damage caused by inducers of carcinogenesis, ultraviolet light and radiation. In large quantities leads to headache, thirst, nausea, and high levels of blood sugar. It is also used in sweets, candy, low-calorie foods.
E500 (E 500-599 Mineral salts, pH regulators and humectants)
Name : Sodium bicarbonate
Group : Safe
Warning : No evidence of adverse effects.
Comment : Soda. In small amounts, no side effects.
- (E 900-999 Other)
Name : Salt
Group :
Warning : Needed by the body , but in small quantities .
Comment : Overuse of salt leads to cardiovascular diseases , eye diseases , and overall deterioration of health .