E320 (E 300-399 Antioxidants, minerals and acidity regulators)
Name :

Butyl hydroxide anisole (BHA)

Group : Dangerous
Warning : probable mutagen
Comment : 1958 banned in Japan. Proposed to be banned in Britain. McDonald's does not use it in their products by 1986. Obtained from oil. Slows the decay of food as a result of their oxidation. Contained in fats, oils, margarine, chewing gum, nuts, pieces of tomatoes, plastic food packaging. May cause allergic reactions can trigger hyperactivity. There was evidence of carcinogenicity and effects similar to those of estrogens. At high doses, leads to the formation of tumors in experimental animals.
Product Count ingredients
sugarless gum with sweetener and fruity taste
wrigley's 5 \
Sandwich biscuits with cocoa filling and vanilla
chewing gum Orbit professional polar ice
chewing gum without sugar and aspartame
chewing gum orbit watermelon
gum flavored apple
Orbit chewing gum
gum hubba bubba
mama hot \u0026 spicy flavor
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