E270 (E 200-299 Preservatives)
Name :

lactic acid

Group : Suspicious
Warning : Pay attention when consumed by young children or babies!
Comment : Used for the acidification of the products. Adjusts the acidity. Prepared by heating and fermentation of the carbohydrates in milk, potato or molasses. Newborns and young children find it difficult to metabolize. Used in cakes, decorations, drinks, sometimes beer in infant formulas.
Product Count ingredients
Raffaello sweets
milk humana hn probiotic treatment with 300 g .
honey sweet
chocolate dessert cocoa Republic
tofinek - waffles with caramel filling
waffles focus minibox - double caramel
waffles focus mini box - double coconut
biscuits with brown glaze - brunei
biscuits surprise
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