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Group : Suspicious
Warning : Should be avoided by people with gluten intolerance and by those predisposed to diabetes or autoimmune disease.
Comment : Artificial sweetener - safe in small quantities for a healthy person. It is recommended not to take in large quantities or in people with digestive problems. It is obtained from carbohydrates of rice, corn, potatoes, barley. It can be extracted naturally from nature, so it is considered unnecessary - accepted as a dietary supplement.
Product Count ingredients
bio fairetta krokant , gepa - the fair trade company (0) (4)
aprikosen sorbet , gildo rachelli (0) (3)
bio amarenakirsche liebt zartbitter-schoko , landgarten (0) (5)
bio kartoffel-chips paprika , mayka (0) (2)
3331 - 3334 from total 3334