E621 (E 600-699 flavors and flavor enhancers)
Name :

monosodium Glutamate

Group : Suspicious
Warning : Do not take from babies!
Comment : Flavoring and salt substitute. It is produced by fermentation of molasses. Side effects may occur in patients with asthma. Most often used in frozen vegetables, frozen tuna and many other frozen foods in sauces.
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Maggie - small secret obsession for spaghetti bolognese
mince People
spice beans
frozen poultry
chicken grilled meatballs
Бейк Ролс Домат
Крем супа от гъби Maggi
Готови супи
Tuk - крекери с бекон
Kubeti - печени ръжено-пшенични кубчета с аромат на хот дог
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