E150a (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name :

plain caramel

Group : Safe
Warning : For children is particularly harmful. Can cause hyperactivity.
Comment : Dark brown dye, which is derived from sucrose. Recommended to avoid its use. Used in oyster, soy, fruit and frozen sauces, beer, whiskey, biscuits, pickles.
Product Count ingredients
Coke / coca-cola 2,00 l .
waffles with cigar leshniko-kakaov cream
Coke / coca-cola 500 ml .
chups potato flavored Doner
red bull sugarfree
acidifying - acetic substitute
Coated cocoa biscuits Negrita
Тофифи toffifee 400g
Сладолед Familia - какаов
Мура minis - ванилия
1 - 10 from total 1511