E334 (E 300-399 Antioxidants, minerals and acidity regulators)
Name :

Tartaric acid

Group : Safe
Warning : No evidence of adverse effects.
Comment : Used to acidification of food products. Obtained from unpeeled fruits, grapefruit juice.
Product Count ingredients
sugarless gum with sweetener and fruity taste
100 grain bread
pure butter brioche trench
pure butter brioche trench
2 pre-baked baguettes crossroads gluten No.
green olives madama oliva nocellara del belice with bone 250 gr .
hipp organic baby biscuits \
Драже Tic Tac апельсиновое
Зефир "Ударница" клюквенный 160 гр.
Зефир "Шармэль" с ароматом ванили 160 гр.
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